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    What age range of students do you work with?
    If you are breathing, you are learning. I have taught students of all ages from preschool through University. I get excited about helping people learn new things. Period. Check out my HOW I CAN HELP page to get an idea of my areas of expertise. Check out my START HERE page to learn more about my teaching journey so far.
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    How does online learning (tutoring or coaching) work?
    First you download a program called Zoom. It's free and a very quick and easy download. Then, we schedule our meeting using Outlook or Google calendar and you receive an email with a link to our session. At the time of our meeting, you click on the link and will be entered into the classroom. While we are working together we can see and hear the same things when I share my computer screen. Additionally, I can give over control to the student and they can click buttons, experiment with manipulatives, or type responses. Students who have a touch screen device can draw and write using a stylus. After our session, you will receive a follow-up email with a recap of everything we covered in our session, as well as further resources for you to explore until we meet again!
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    What is the difference between instructional coaching and tutoring?
    Let's think of your learning journey like a highway. A tutor is like your roadside assistance. You run into trouble and you want to be able to call someone who can quickly figure out the problem and help you solve it so you can get back on the road fast! An Academic or Instructional Coach acts as your Travel Agent. When you need to learn something a coach can help you plan the best route to your destination, they get to know you and your particular goals and interests and skills. Much like sports coaches train your body, academic coaches train your brain. They share their expertise, insights, tips and tools so that you are fully in charge of your learning experience and it meets your highest expectations.
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    Do you work with students in person as well as online?
    Yes! I accept in-person students in the Dane County, Wisconsin area as my availability allows. However, I will say that I have yet to encounter a student who prefers in-person tutoring to online. With the amazing technology available to us, the unlimited resources of the internet and the ease of scheduling - you won't believe how easy and engaging it is to work together online!
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    What if I can't afford tutoring or coaching?
    I feel very strongly that progressive, responsive education is a human right. I work hard to be able to meet my students at all price points. Group online classes are the cheapest option. If you can find 3-5 other people who have an interest in learning the same thing as you, we can create a group class at a substantially lower rate! Message me for details or to create a custom course! And reach out as well if you can't find a group - I might be able to find one for you! Lastly, I do offer a sliding scale for folks who need it. Please contact me for more information - don't hesitate to reach out!
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    How do I know if I (or my child) would benefit from tutoring or coaching?
    Excellent question! The most obvious answer is frustration. Is the student feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, at a loss or bamboozled about something that they need to learn to advance their goals? Frustration, intense dislike of a subject, loss of confidence, avoidance - these are all signs that you might need a little extra support to get you past a difficult spot! Signing up with an academic coach is not a life-sentence! Many people only need 3-6 months of tutoring or coaching to move to the next level and begin to regain their confidence! There is magic in one-on-one or small group teaching - you'll be amazed at how fast you see results!

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