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Online teacher & instructional coach empowering students to know how they know!

original or innovative; avant-garde.
My Services
I support people of all ages as they make meaning of their learning experiences.

I help them catch and fix deficiencies, make plans for future success and reflect on their own progress.

In my career I've worked with students of all ages - preschool through adult - in multiple capacities - all with the same goal: to help them find more success in their learning endeavors.

I am an educator and can help with any of the following scenarios:
 *  tailoring an small-group online class to meet specific   
 * tutoring a student in public school who is falling behind in      a specific subject
 *  tutoring/coaching homeschooled students and their parents     in a subject for which they are not meshing well
 *  Supporting a parent as they engage with their child's           educators to maximize their experience in traditional school
  *  Coaching homeschooling/unschooling parents to develop      their own teaching or organizational style or address specific
   instructional or systemic challenges

I've done it all... and more!

What I do best...

  1. Strong Math Foundations
    For students who need support in developing number fluency, problem solving skills or math confidence. Many math struggles are due to a weak number sense or a shaky understanding of a foundational topic. These problems most likely started early and have been compounding each year. Math concepts build on each other, so it is important to address gaps as soon as possible in order to minimize the need to ‘catch up’ and to avoid a weak foundational undertanding. Fixing these deficiencies is not difficult and has the potential to COMPLETELY change the school experience for many kids in terms of their confidence and their capability.
  2. Spanish I-V & Literature studies
    For students of all ages whether in a traditional class or not. As a non-native speaker who started language learning in junior high, I know how challenging it can be to fully acquire a foreign language with limited immersion. I share my own tips and tricks for language acquisition, both from my own experience, and from my graduate degree in Bilingual & Multicultural Education. Proficiency in a second language is a huge indicator of future success no matter which professional field you choose - and the benefits to brain development are immense! Start at any age - I can tailor a class to your specific needs and interests!
  3. Parents As Coaches
    Parents are a child's first teacher! When your kid is having difficulty you want to help. I can help you help them. Let's keep you in the equation - you know them best! Whether you homeschool, unschool (or some version of the two!) or send your child to public or private school - you have a major part to play in their learning success. Together we'll evaluate your child's executive functioning skills - EF skills are the set of processes that people must be proficient with to manage themselves and their resources in order to meet goals. (Organization, self-regulation, time-management, deadline monitoring, goal setting, etc.) Students of all ages whose production does not match their potential can benefit from a structured approach to addressing the problem. Personalized coaching for you, from a classroom teacher who has been there, will help you support your child as they create a system that highlights their strengths and shores up their weaknesses. An investment in this area for students has the power to transform the entire school experience. Especially important for students transitioning from one level to another - elementary to middle school, middle to high school, high school to university, traditional to home-based, or vice versa!
  4. Educational Transitions Coaching
    When you've tried everything and the system in place just isn't working for your child - I can help you identify your own goals in terms of home education. I will share resources, help you identify your own learning weaknesses and shore them up, and support you as you establish a learning system that fits your family's needs. Whether you'd like more information about homeschooling, unschooling or a personalized hybrid of school styles, it all comes down to what will work for you and your family. I'll help you create a plan for progress, assessment and record-keeping that will allow you to relax into the experience of directing your child's education in the best way for your particular family's needs and personality.
  5. Parents as Partners
    For parents and caregivers who want to explore how they can better support their student from a teacher's perspective; help with IEP navigation, teacher communications, student advocacy, supporting gifted learners, requesting additional resources from school administration, etc. Having a highly-qualified and experienced teacher to personally consult with can be a game-changer in increasing the success you have in the public school system. Know your rights and what you can, and should, expect from your child's teachers and school administration. An involved parent is one of the biggest indicators of success for students. After years as a teacher in both public and private settings, I now help parents navigate the system to best help their child. Empower yourself with an inside look at how things work and what possibilities for individualization exist.
  6. Pedagogy & Practice
    So, you want to teach something? The truth is that teaching is an art and there is an entire world of educational theories, theorists, practices and styles that can support you as you make your content more accessible to your learners. Whether you are a homeschooling or unschooling parent, a professional who knows your subject but is intimidated by teaching it to others, or a current teacher looking for more support - I've got your pedagogy right here. Pedagogy is a big and funny word that means 'the methods and practices of teaching'. There are so many factors that go into teaching; assessment, differentiation, multiple learning styles, system management, instructional styles, scaffolding content, structuring delivery, managing overwhelm, and so much more... I can tailor a specific class to the needs of individuals or the small groups. You want a game changer? Learn the fundamentals of sound teaching and blow away your own expectations.
Rates & Packages

Because coaching is a highly individualized process - rates are negotiable and flexible.

I offer free 30-minute online consultations to troubleshoot connectivity issues and get a feel for what type of support the student is looking for.

The rates below reflect the three main modalities of coaching & tutoring packages I offer.

They are tailored to offer choices for every budget.

Please don't hesitate to reach out for more individualized options.

Discounts available for prepaid classes, multiple students from same family, package deals, and more!

Teaching & Coaching
If you are located in or near Dane County, Wisconsin and are looking for an individualized face-to-face coaching or tutoring experience this is the best option.

We'll meet for 45 minutes on a predetermined schedule.

All supplies and manipulatives will be provided.

Small group
Teaching & Coaching
$20 per hour/per student
I will take up to six students and create an individualized class based on their needs, learning styles and goals.

If you are interested in group classes but do not know how to find other students I can help.

Small group learning is a highly effective and progressive way to learn new material!

Tutoring & Coaching
If you'd like an individualized coaching or tutoring experience at a lower price point - consider going virtual.

Today's technology allows us to share mouse control and collaborate on virtual whiteboards with virtual manipulatives - all with spectacular video capabilities.

I'll even record our session and send it to you afterward for your review!

If you can make a Skype phone call ~ you can learn virtually.